Sunday, July 18, 2010


So, can you notice the changes in our Little Man's face? To me, they are pretty slight.  The doctors said they widened his skull 1 full inch.  I can only notice some slight difference to the face itself.  He is pretty handsome anyway you look at him--there is no denying that!

Owen's personality is just about 99% back to normal.  He gets a little tired easily and a little whiny.  But he is very playful and very much addicted to his sister.  They were very lovey dovey today.  It was pretty cute.  He has learned to be way more cooperative while taking his meds and while we apply the ointment on his freakishly long scar.  Owen even does a pretty good job not touching it...which is always helpful.

Another major change that has happened at the Milles house is indirect side effect from Owen's surgery.  While Owen was in the hospital, I delegated the responsibility of water my flowers to the Husband and a trusty neighbor. They did a really good job. The new tree is looking great. The mailbox flowers really have flourished.  All are looking wonderful, all except my petunias. Those petunias were tucked away in a hanging basket.  Easy to miss, I imagine.

While I was a little bummed my patriotic petunias died, I noticed that twice a bird has flown out of the hanging basket.  This evening, I pulled it down to throw them out.  This is what I see...


Is that pretty amazing or what?!?   A lot of changes, for sure.  While at first the changes don't look so pretty such as in Owen's case the first day after his surgery. Or while I look up at the disappointing underside of my basket of pathetically dried putunias.  People or things have to go through some ugly situations in order to have a surprisingly beautiful outcome.


Gina said...

I notice a difference in Owen! I think he looks great! I am amazed at how fast he recovered and got to go home. God is so good!!!