Sunday, July 4, 2010

10 Things

Here's a list of the Top 10 Things I Learned while at
Children's Hospital on Friday.

10.  People in general have a thing with boys in overalls.  He got the most compliments on his outfit today that the typical day.

9. Pre-op appointments are short. Really, really short.

8.  Owen loves to say "Hi" to people once they have exited the elevator.  He did it every single time.  

7.  His Ophthalmologist says his eyes are perfect.  There are no pinched nerves due to the suture closure and there is no need for any glasses for any time soon.  

6.  Furthermore, his Ophthalmologist has an amazing ability to gain Owen's attention and cooperation.  It was a great appointment & I was doubting how smoothly it would go, being it was during the time of Owen's 2nd missed nap.

5.  It is really hard to occupy a nonwalking 14 month old for 3 1/2 hours between appointments. We tried walking around, but he grew tired of the stroller & wanted down.  

4.  The best place to go when you have time to kill at Children's would be the 8th floor Garden.  It is gorgeous.  Owen loved it and could've spent a ton more time there!

3.  Not everyone washes their hands.  During two of our bathroom breaks we saw two folks leave the restroom without even considering to wash their hands.  Ick!  Keep our kids healthy and wash your hands already!

2. The cafeteria has amazing cookies. Get yourself some!

1.  There is a good chance that Owen will be in the hospital no more than a few days.  The plastic surgeon said that is pretty typical that kids only need 3 or so days.  SO that was by far the best lesson of the day!