Thursday, July 15, 2010

The "eyes" have it.

As you can see from the first post of the day, Owen woke up this morning with his left eye completely swollen shut. Then he barely had control over his right eye lid.  He was pretty mad this morning. He didn't want anything to do with anybody.  All he wanted was to be held, in a certain position.  While being held, he didn't want you to bother him any further.

The craniofacial plastic surgeon came in and took off Owen's bandage.  Man, his incision is creepy.   It goes straight from one side of his head to the other side.  Wanna know what else is creepy?  Well, he is going home...bandage-less.  Seriously! Is that not the craziest thing you ever heard. But what do I know. I just have a measily Masters in education.  The big wigs w/ their MD's and years of experience says it is best to have it uncovered, so I will take their word for it.


After being awake for a four or so hours, he took his morning nap.  By the time he woke up and Cory arrived, Owen was able to open both eyes a little bit. When they said that his swelling should be the worst on Thursday, I expected to see the swelling all day long. After all the resident neurosurgeon indicated that he won't be getting better until tomorrow.  But by the grace of God, it is already getting better.

As soon as Cory arrived, Owen exclaims, "Dada" in his drowsy, cranky, lil' voice.  Owen has been demanding his dad's attention the whole visit. He only wants Cory to hold him, carry him and comfort him.  Maybe he will even allow Cory to administer the Tylenol at 2 w/out a big fit.

Owen even cracked a little funky smile when Cory handed him his favorite Elmo book.  The book kept his attention for about a minute, then he went back to being cuddly.

All we are doing now is waiting for two things: Owen to eat/drink & for his lovely drain to come out.


Pretty weird to see this coming out of his head, huh?  Well, if he drains less than 30 mL (that is 1 oz for you metric system haters), the drain will be yanked out of the ole noggin.  Owen has been trying to save the nurses any trouble of removing the drain by tugging at it, but I've reassured him that the nurses don't mind doing the honors. 

Owen continues to push away the sippy as it is offered.  He has that stinkin' IV in his foot still and really doesn't want anything to do with a sippy cup.  Perhaps, I should offer him a McDonald's Frappe. He is totally obsessed with those (hey..don't yell at me, all I give him is the cool whip topping...not the coffee part).

So, we are grateful for the outpouring of support we've received.  Our family and friends are amazingly supportive.  Our God is an awesome God who has been answering our prayers left and right.  Owen seems to be either in no pain or tolerating his pain really well.  He hasn't needed morphine in over 26 hours.  The swelling shut of Owen's eyes was relatively short lived.  Praise the Lord! We are now praying that Owen will accept the sippy cup and try to drink and eat soon.  But as I write that I feel very humbled that God is allowing our prayers for Owen to be fulfilled while this hospital sits with hundreds of sick kids fighting various levels of pain, discomfort and diseases.  Why our prayers are being answered and Owen is clearly getting better is beyond me.  But it is enough for me to continue to sing God's praises and say, "Blessed be the name of the Lord!"