Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Thoughts of a ICU Mama

1.  It is Freezing and I am Exhausted.

2.  I hate thinking about the coldness and my tiredness when my baby is moaning next to me.  How selfish could I be.  My son is in pain.

3.  Some kiddos in the ICU have their names on the windows to their room with cute little dragons, flowers, and stars.  I am immensely grateful that Owen is a "fast track" ICU baby and doesn't have his name on his window. I pray that neither of my kids' names make it up on an ICU window.

4.  I then feel guilty for my gratefulness. Those poor kids and their families, I have for sure said a prayer for them.

5.  I love morphine.  My once moaning boy becomes a happy camper.
As I see it: Morphine=No Moans=No Pain

6. I miss my baby girl.  She made a point to wake up early to see us off this morning. She had a busy day with her Grandma & and then with her Cousins.  Our family is doing all they can to help us. Thank the Lord for our supporting family.  But I can't wait to get my hands on my cuddlebug. I love her.

7.  Furthermore I am thankful for one more answered prayer:  Bethany is getting the hang of going #2 on the potty.  She has made great progress the last couple of days *including today w/ Grandma*. With Owen's surgery occurring right when pooping is finally clicking.  This has been a work in progress since the beginning of June. Makes me want to shout WooHoo!; but I won't. Maybe when Owen is not so much enjoying a nice morphine-assisted slumber.

8.  For the first time since lunch, my nervous are under control and I am finally feeling hungry. But at this point do I:  (A) go down and get some food,  (B) try to sleep, (C) continue to watch Hell's Kitchen.  Too bad I can't do all three at once. If only we could bring food into this room. 

9.  Hell's Kitchen is beginning to really irritate me. You are cooking dinner for patrons at your restaurant.  It is not at the end of the world if things are not perfect. There are things in this world that are far worse off than underseasoned parsnips.  Plus, Gordan is completely rude.  His language is horrendous.

10.  I am thankful.  THANKFUL for all the prayers, supports, offer for help w/ Bethany, chats on Facebook.  The support from our family and friends is overwhelming and totally appreciated. 


Meghann Gehring Turnquist said...

I recall those hospital days so well ..... the smell, the coldness, the beeps and alarms, no sleep, no appetite ..... ugh.
Hang in there!