Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Surgery Day: Part 1 of ???

Here is the beginning of the end of our Journey with Craniosynostosis. 

This is Owen at 5 a.m.   Notice his head shape.  This will be the last time you will see it so nice, skinny, long and scar-free. (Click on the pics to make them larger)

On our way to Children's Hospital.

In our own private quarters in the waiting room.  

After 5 minutes in the waiting room, Owen was admitted and sent back.  He was thoroughly unimpressed with his anklet name badge.  But we found some a neat toy to distract him for a few minutes.

So, Owen chills with Mom and Dad.  He really wanted down and a couple times he says, "Ah Dah, bye-bye"  Too bad he is far from being All Done. 

Eventually a bunch of Doctors (like EIGHT!) and a few nurses came in to visit, ask questions and talk.  One of the nurses gave Owen some icky medicine that made him pretty loopy!  He was pretty funny on that stuff.  Wish they had a dose for us, too!

So, right now he went back with the nice Anesthesiologist Resident.  He had no complaints being carried away by the friendly, giant, peek-a-boo playing stranger.  He is getting sedated, Iv-ed, and what not. The surgery should start shortly & will last about four more hours.  

When people ask if we are scared and worried. Well, honestly, the answer is YES. Oh Heck Yeah.  But, We know that those worries are fruitless and that God is watching our lil' boy right now. He is guiding he hands of the surgeons.  God is all over this place. After all if God brought Owen into our lives with this crazy fused skull of his, he can easily help the doctors fix it.