Sunday, August 29, 2010

Checking Up

Owen had his 15 month check up last week.  Disregard the fact that in a week he will be, in fact, 16 months old. That is neither here nor there.  Anyway....I thought you'd like some tibits about our lil' man.

  • He loves his blankie.  He has a couple blankies just in case one gets all gooberish.
  • He always pees right before being put in the bath tub. Just wait 30 or so seconds...but sure enough he'll pee shortly after being de-diapered.
  • He can say a good dozen words or so:  hi, mama, dada, bye, backpack, oh-uh, Up, ni-ni, bath time, ball, book, all done. Plus, he has his own special sort of words for Bethany and drink. Pretty sure...but it is hard to type out.
  • Owen loves Backyardigans.  He has several of the songs memorized and can sing along.  He even gets up and dances and spins during their opening and closing credits. Too Cute!
  • Owen still loves couches.
  • When needing another drink or simply a refill, he will go to the fridge and start tugging at the door.
  • Listening is semi-optional for the lil' man. He knows the word "No", but doesn't always obey.  This leads us into the fact the he recently earned his first 'time-out'. He didn't do half bad on the time-out step.
  • At his check-up his weight was 25 lbs, height 29 inches, head 20.? inches.  Basically he is average except his head...which of course is largely above average.
  • He loves to attack people and give them loving. Lay on the ground and he will be sure to bounce all over ya.  
  • He is a sleepy guy. Sleeping 12 or so hours at night with a nice 2 hour nap during the day.
  • He loves being silly.
  • And we love our silly, lil man!