Monday, October 11, 2010

Missing Daddy

Last week I experienced something that was one of the tougher aspects of parenting....
that is being a single-working-momma.

That is tough on so many different levels.  Perhaps, if I have the typical husband, it would be no problem. 
But Cory ain't no ordinary husband.   Typically, I do kid-duty in the evenings and cook dinner. Meanwhile, Cory does house/laundry/dishes duty.   It really does take two to tango take care of this house.

But last week, I was flying solo. That is tough stuff. I don't know how those other mommas with regularly traveling hubbies do it.   I am still wiped out from the constant motion and lack of sleep I accumulated while trying to maintain the house, entertain the kids and keep up with my grading/planning.

The kiddos did great without their daddy.  Perhaps the cutest moment occurred when we played a message from Cory. They couldn't contain their excitement hearing their daddy's voice.

I bet Bethany played the message a good dozen times before she accidentally erased it for good. 

The part I was worried most about handling without Cory was getting us ready and out the door on time. Man, I am a jerk.  I am such a pain to get up.  And he is a patient, patient person when it comes to getting my tushie out of that bed.  I am reluctant to admit this, but we totally managed to get out of the house, not only one time, but a few minutes early.  Now, if Cory finds out that I am capable of being responsible and getting myself out of bed, who knows what will happen. So lets keep that between us.

I am just so grateful to have such a wonderful husband  I knew it is cheesy but, really, absence does make the heart grow founder.  Think about it. Cory and I work in the same building. We drive to and from work together. We do everything together.  Sometimes you don't appreciate what you've got until he is gone and conferencing it up with all the Educational Gurus in Atlanta.  But having him gone and taking with him all the things that he does for us...makes me appreciate him so much more. I really don't know what I would do if I had a typical husband that just lounges around watching sports ignorant when it comes to things like how to operate the dishwasher.

I am just so grateful that we happened to meet in whatever class it was that one fateful day, oh so many years ago.