Sunday, November 11, 2007

My little Cinderella!

I do have to admit. I enjoy Bethany's ability to support her own neck. This had made the whole transporting Baby process much easier. I am also enjoying her *ability* to sit up. Although, she doesn't stay seated for too long (she gets excited and flails her arms about and topples over); it is still fun to be able to plop her on the ground knowing she will be okay.
We recently bought a new cd *yes, we still buy cd's*! It is Steven Curtis Chapman's new Christmas cd. It is great! It has one song that really touches our hearts. It is called "Cinderella." I encourage you to listen to it and think of your own little goobers! The first time I listened to it, it put tears in my eyes. I love Bethany a ton and do cherish our time with her. Here is a link to the song: Cinderella.