Sunday, November 11, 2007

Passing of the Binkies!

Bethany met a new friend Friday night. Addie (2.5 years old) gave Bethany all her binkies Friday night. We met with Addie and her parents (Bob and Janie) at a restaurant. Janie has been working Addie up to giving Bethany all of her binkies for a few days. So Addie proudly gave up the babyish Binkies. She was very proud in doing so. She proclaimed that now she gets to buy a "big girl" toy on Saturday. It was really cute. Addie was proud of her self, until it was time to go. Then she announced that those were "Addie's Binkies! ADDIE'S BINKIES!!!!"

Poor, Bob and Janie. I hope they got *some* rest Friday night. I am sure that was a tough night on them. But I am glad that Bethany was able to be a part of breaking Addie's binkie habit.