Monday, January 7, 2008

7 months old today!

Here is a glimpse in the life of our 7 month old baby!

Favorite Fruit: Hawaiian Delight
Favorite Veggie: Corn Casserole
Least Favorite Fruit: Applesauce--YUCKY!
Least Favorite Veggie: Greenbeans
Favorite Nickname: Bee, Baby Bee
Favorite Noise Daddy Makes: BUZZZZZZZ
Favorite Noise I make: ba-ba-ba-ba-ba or thrrzzzzzzz
Favorite baby milk: Alimentum and Nutramigen. What else...they cost about $1,000 for 2 oz!
Favorite toy: Blanket/Doll that helps me sleep!

Favorite Activity: Exersaucer, playing hide-n-seek with my parents, being tickled, cuddling, reading with Mommy

Favorite body part: duh, my thumb

Favorite Naughty thing to do: Bang toys on the hearth!

Things I can't wait to do: Pull up all by myself, crawl all the way under the coffee table.

New Ability: Lift to my feet when in crawling position

Goals: Wipe my own butt, NOT PEE on the way between the bath and bedroom, blow my own nose, have total control of my parents!!!!!