Sunday, January 13, 2008

Playing with Grandma!

I love playing all weekend long. I had lots of folks to play with on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday I got to play with Grandma Milles. I showed her all my new tricks! It was loads of fun.


Mrs. Platz said...

Cory, Bethany is an absolute doll.

I am happy Jackie shared this w/ me. This is Nancy Platz,,the substitute teacher from Brashear. And now my sister 'sort of' knows you. She is Diane Gannon and one of her best buds & neighbor teaches w/ you,,,from Maryland Heights. E-mail me at & let's catch up. and HI to the Mrs. said...

"Playing with Grandma" ????
That can't be right !
She looks way tooooo young to be a Grandma !

What a great pair !

I can sure see a lot of love vibes
in this picture.

Thank's for sharing !