Wednesday, May 28, 2008

10 things I love about Bethany:

Here is a top ten list of things I love about Bethany.
(with pictures...when I have them!)

10. I love the way she sings as we ride/stroll around the neighborhood. She is always talking to somebody (or something!)

9. I love the way she sings along with us as we sing the alphabet. She tries to hit all of the "eee" notes (ex. d, e, g, p...etc.!) She really does sing along with us.

8. I love the way she "helps" fold the laundry. She loves getting into all of the clothes & throw then on the floor. She thinks it is a riot! ;)

7. I love the way she plays hide-n-seek with us. She takes her blankie, covers her face for a minute. We, of course, get confused and can't figure out where she went...then she unveils herself to our suprise!

6. I love her SQUEAL when we chase her around the house. It is hilarious.

5. I love the way Bethany really owns our house. She knows how to get stuff in & out of her toy box. She is learning our routines for bath time, dinner time, etc. It is pretty amazing to watch her learn & grow.

4. I love the way Bethany comes up to us & snuggles us, or tries to sit in our laps!

3. I love the way Bethany says ni-ni when she is tired. She will go pick up her blankie & rub her big ole' blue eyes & mumble ni-ni. It is adorable! Plus...she's extra adorable in her big girl jammies!

2. I love they way she leans in and gives kisses. She won't do them at every request. But when she is in the mood...she will lean it and give you a sweet kiss. It will melt your heart

1. I love the way she carries around her baby around the house. *yes, sometimes upside down* She also loves to offer it to others for them to give the baby some loving!!


robin said...

You've got a pretty lovable kid.