Sunday, May 4, 2008

101, 6, 0

101- That was my fever on Saturday night. It made Mom & Dad a tad bit worried. But it turned out that I was just cutting another tooth. I was acting totally fine and eating. However, I was just a little hot. Sunday morning I woke up all calm, cool & collected. I now have 7 teeth (4 on top & three on bottom).
6- That is the number of consecutive steps I can take. If you are lucky, I will do it while you are watching. However, if you ask for me to do it, it is highly unlikely I would actually walk for you.
0-That is the number of times I have said "mama". Sure I will babble & some of my babbles will sound like mama. However, I have yet to called the female-like figure in my house "mama." I do make sure I call Daddy by his name. This is just one of my many ploys to drive the folks to the loony bin. I have 18 years to implement my other plans...but be warned...they exist!