Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hor-rreee Mama lalalalamamamama!!!!!!!

Bethany loves this book! It is her favorite. It is called "Llama Llama Red Pajama" ("lalalalamamama" in Bethanize). Cory got it for her for last Valentine's Day & we read it almost every day. (occassionally she picks out Cat in the Hat). I have the story memorized for the most part. It really helps that it rhymes. Now Bethany wants to read this story whenever she can. She'll grab it and sit on the floor and flip through the pages. When she gets to the one page where Mama Llama is running up the stairs to get to Baby Llama (who is yelling for his mom) Bethany started to tell the mom to "hor-rreee, hor-rreee". She has memorized that page of the book & it is super cute to see her to tell the mom to hor-rreee up the stairs!

Seriously...she can't stop cleaning.
It is slightly insane...100% adorable...but still slightly insane!!!!