Thursday, September 4, 2008

Infected Ears & Saddened Hearts!

Ah...this is comfy.
Why is Elmo talking to a cactus? That isn't realistic!
Why don't I feel good?

Bethany has been home sick the past 2 days. Monday the sitter reported that Bethany felt warm after her nap. We took her temp & sure enough she was running a mild fever. Cory stayed home Wednesday & took Bethany to the doctor. We learned that Bethany had her first ear infection!
:-( All Wednesday her fever has been relatively low (99.something or 100). The dr. gave her some antibiotics. Which we started last night. We had open house last night. So I was away from Bethany the whole time. That was heartbreaking for me! :(

Bethany woke us up at 3 in the morning this morning (until 4:30). She had a 101 or 102 fever! Yikes. Poor thing was one hot tamale. We gave her some Ibuprofen & it broke when we got up again at 5. She was drenched in sweat. I stayed home from work today to stay with the sleepy baby! Her fever is coming and going. It came back right before her second dose of Ibuprofen was due, then it went down within a hour of the dosage. Currently by the official Mom's Thermometer (the back of her hand) she definitely has a small fever back. Not the 102...but a small one.

We've already taken 3 sick days this year for Bethany. (1 for Cory & 2 for me) I hope this doesn't continue to being a trend. We'll for sure run out. Tomorrow Grandma is on duty. We have standardized testing at work...and subs and standardized testing isn't a good combo! ;o)

Say a quick prayer for our little Bethany to get better fast.
It makes me sad to see her so lethargic & icky!


robin said...

Get better Bethany. You can take a train to Chicago if you want. I'm sure a change of scenery would do you good. :)

Abbie said...

Ear infections are the worst! Hope baby girl feels better soon.