Sunday, August 31, 2008

Workin' Hard!

I like to help Mom & Dad around the house. Whenever I can, I try to grab ahold of a white sheet like they use to clean the house. (editor's note: Mom uses Clorox wipes, I use dryer sheets, butt wipes, kleenex, napkins, etc.) So, yesterday those fools of mine...I mean...folks of mine left the butt wipes where I can reach them & I went to town cleaning this house of ours!!! Sheesh...someone has to do it.

Cleaning the china cabinent.
Cleaning my rocking chair.
These wooden shoes have some grime! On to my toy chest!
Finally the floors. This will be a while. Isn't this why they invented mops?
See. I am a big helper! If you need help cleaning your house, I can be rented out at a rate of $15/hour, plus I require cheesy puff/milk breaks! :)