Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to School!

So this has been a long week for the Milles family as we readjust to life as working folks. Look how BIG Bethany has gotten. Click here to see Bethany on the first day of school last year!!!! She was a wee little thing back then!
Monday we started teacher meetings & Thursday we start school with the kiddos. Cory and I handled things well. We were able to transition smoothly to the new schedule. I'll give you 3 guess for who didn't adjust smoothly to our new schedule. Give up???? Well...I'll just have to tell you! BETHANY!!! Surprised, huh?
Well, our little stinker (err....) daughter decided to boycot this whole back to school thing by NOT eating at the sitters! AT ALL. That is 2 meals that she is refusing to eat as the sitter feeds her breakfast & lunch. So we had a little monster in the evenings as she was famished & we had half-an-hour car ride to endure before we were able to feed the lil' monster some dinner.
But finally she waved her little white flag on Friday and finally ate a few bites at breakfast & ate a substantial lunch. I was very thankful. But we will still say our prayers for the little stinker as we go to work on Monday that she maintains this progress. But our sitter did "cheat" while trying to entice Bethany to eat breakfast. She gave Bethany some Fruit Loops instead of the Cheerios that the other kids eat. Apparently, we are bad parents and allow Bethany to eat sweet cereal & none of the other parents allow their kids to eat sweet cereal. We just feed her what's in our house. But she is still I don't think a dozen or so pieces of sweet cereal killed anyone (that I know of anyway!)
Wish us luck as we continue on with the school year. So far, Cory & I are off to a pretty good start with planning our curriculum & getting to know our students. It is great that this is the 1st year out of my 6 years teaching that I haven't switched classrooms & I haven't switched curriculum. Both of those have switched EVERY OTHER YEAR of my short career! It is such a blessing to have some consistency in our lives in terms of our jobs!


robin said...

Wow, what a difference a year makes. Bethany has grown a lot.I like your hair long too. I am glad Bethany is starting to adjust and that your year is off to a good start.

Abbie said...

It was great to see you both on Saturday. Tracy and I taught Bethany 'high 5' so definitely keep up with that one. She was a fast learner.

I hope your school year starts off nicely!