Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is "Normal"

Life is amazing! I hope that each of you are fully aware of this by now. But sometimes I sit back and reflect on our lives & I am usually left completely awestruck. You might be wondering where this is coming from. Allow me to backtrack a little. So, the other day Bethany was reading a book to herself. Upon finishing the book, she kisses the back cover. This is a part of our "normal" routine when we read books. Whenever I read her a night time story we kiss the character on the book "night-night." I think she now thinks it is normal behavior to kiss your books when you are done with them. You will often find her kissing her books upon completion. Then I realized that I lost track of just how impressionable Bethany really is. Everything we do with her is going to help establish the "norm" in her world. If we decide to start licking our walls as we enter the house...she'll think that everyone in the world licks their walls as they enter the house. It makes me realize now more than ever that I need to be the model of everything I want Bethany to be in her life. If I want her to grow up to be Christ-like, respectable, responsible, moral, honest...then I need to be Christ-like, respectable, responsible, moral and honest. If you really sit back and think about it....child-rearing is a pretty awesome but daunting task. There are a thousands What-if's & Should've's that are always buzzing around my head.
But I guess in the end you just have to have faith that you are doing the best you know how & just pray that your "normal" is going to be good enough.