Monday, August 25, 2008

Chilling, pushing, and "bum"ming

Chilling: Bethany loves chilling in her rocking chair. This is her Saturday morning watching Elmo on tv. She LOVES Elmo or as she calls him "La, La, La." If you have a child under the age of 5 you'll recognize that as the beginning song of his little show.

Pushing: Perhaps there is a reason there is a minimum age limit on the Jack-in-the-box. Poor Bethany really struggles getting that silly clown back in his box. Once he is out, is he is pretty adamant about staying out!

"Bum"ming- Bethany's poor bum had another attack this weekend. She must have eatten something Saturday that, eehhhh, you know, didn't agree with her. We had the worst BM's since her milk allergy last summer. This "disagreement" between her intestines & supposedly-infected food not only resulted in the MND award (most nasty diaper) but also resulted in a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad diaper rash!!! I stayed home from work today in order to completely assess the stinky situation. If she still had bad poops, then I was going to take her to the dr. The good news is that the poops are gone & the rash is getting better. It has officially been down-graded from a Category Red Bum to a Category Pink!!! That is good news! We will keep on lathering on the $20/a tube bum cream until it is just a faint memory!!!!