Friday, January 8, 2010

8 Months Old

8 months have come and gone since Owen joined our lil' family in May.

He is such a big boy now with scrumptious blue eyes!

He couldn't pass up the opportunity to fling his sign around. Good news is that he didn't try to eat his sign this month as he did last month. Perhaps, his taste buds are maturing a bit. Maybe I should try out the dreaded peas again!

Other than his maturing taste buds...Owen is becoming accidentally mobile. He still isn't quite moving with a purpose...he just gets places. You accident.
For example, see him hiding...

Yup, somehow he has managed to back himself in between the love seat and the wall.
Being that he can't crawl forward yet...he continues to back that thing up! I, of course, couldn't resist the opportunity to snatch a couple of pictures of him.

It appears that Bethany couldn't let the Kodak Moment pass her by either.

One day soon *hopefully, not too soon* Owen will get a handle on the whole crawling forward thing. But until then, I will continue rescue him from the various places he has managed to squeeze himself into.


Nicole said...

Your children are very sweet! Our baby's are very close in age . Your little man's eyes are very striking. Hope you dont mind I'm going to "follow" your blog!