Monday, February 22, 2010

God is Good & Owen has a big head!

So those are 2 no-brainers....right?

God is Good!
That is just as obvious as me saying that Owen has a big head....

See, last week Owen had his 9 month check-up.
Here are his latest stats:
weight: 21 lbs, 4oz (60th percentile)
height: 29 inches (75th percentile)
head: 49.5 cm (99th percentile)

Unlike all of the other check-ups we've gone to with Owen and Bethany. This check up was a little different. The doctor was concerned about Owen's head circumference. She referred us to Children's Hospital to get an ultrasound of his head to see what is causing his "accelerated head growth". When he was born, Owen's head started off at the 50th percentile, but slowly it has taken over the entire world and managed to be the 99th percentile at 9 months old.

So after a long trip to Children's Hospital. After 20 minutes driving in circles trying to find the how-could-we-have-missed-it parking garage (in this process, we may or may not have almost hit a poor guy, oops!). After an hour wait in their cutely decorated Imaging Center. After all of that....we learned that Owen has no signs of having anything wrong. His ventricles look sign of fluid in the sign of sign of anything wrong.

What can I say? Owen has a big head. That's nothing new. God is Good! That's certainly not anything new either!

Something about going to Children's Hospital is a humbling experience. As we were walking through their colorful corridors that were doned with all sorts of things whose soul purpose was to make you feel at ease; all I could think is how blessed are we!?!?! We have two health, happy children at home, albeit they have big heads, but they are health and they are AT HOME. I couldn't help but feel selfish for wanting my babies to be healthy....there are tons of babies at the hospital that aren't home with their families. They are being poked and drugged and cut open and hopefully, mended and healed.

With the selfish feeling, I did have an overwhelming feeling of being blessed! How blessed are we that we have two amazingly happy and healthy babies. The amaze me every day. They amaze me with every lil' thing they do. Whether it is growing an alarmingly big head or building "train tracks" out of blocks when I didn't realize she even knew what train tracks were...
these kids are amazing and make me think all too often......How Great is our God!