Wednesday, April 14, 2010

11 months and some change

Owen turned 11 months old.

A week ago.

But, I thought I'd better get to my monthly pictures of my lil' Boy.
Here are some basic facts about our boy:
  • He goes to bed around 6:30 every night and is woken up at 5:45 am. He goes to bed with a story, a cuddling, a prayer and then thumbtime with his blankie.

  • The blankie of choice is a blankie made of the same material as thermal-undies. We only had one. We were worried. We searched high and low and finally found 2 more blankies of the same material. He loves his blankies for night-night time.

  • When boogers are going down his face, he hates having his nose wiped. But, he loves his side rubbed--Loves IT!

  • Diaper changes are a nightmare. Yup...It...Ain't...Happening...Without...A....FIGHT!!!!! I've learned to change diapers on an upside-down baby. Yeah, I am that talented.

  • But, baths are AMAZING. He actually tries to climb into the tub. Once in the tub, he won't sit down anymore. That makes me nervous. I can't wait until we are over that stage.

  • He loves his sister's kitchen. And taking toys out of the toy box--one--at--a--time. Opening and closing the toy box repeatedly is also a pretty amusing pastime.

  • Owen cruises. A lot.

  • He falls. Occasionally. He's got a black eyelid currently. Ouch!

  • He gets pushed down a lot by his sister. He doesn't care, though. He'll cry, get back up and let it be known that he's not a going anywhere.

  • He was a picky baby-food-eater, turning down foods semi-often.

  • He hasn't turned down any table food so far. There are some favorites over others (ahem, pizza). But he is great at trying new foods, even motivating Bethany to be more adventurous!

  • He is a shy guy. Doesn't smile for strangers. Doesn't always go to other family members. He loves his Mama and Daddy!

  • He knows what the word "No" means. Just doesn't always obey.

  • He can say 3 words. Mama--his first word, Dada and Ab-ba (All done).

  • He knows how to wave, blow kisses, and I think 2 signs. But he won't do them when you want him to. No matter how much you prompt him and look like a fool. This kid will do it on his time only!

  • He loves to be chased. While you are crawling. He will run(crawl) away. Pause. Look at you with a sheepish, yet daring smile. Then he'll start crawling away again. He's too cute!

  • He loves, I mean, LOVES to play peek-a-boo. LOVES IT! Just cover him with a blankie and watch the fun times begin.

  • When Owen laughs, it is a deep, hardy laugh that stems from the very tippy-bottom of his toes. I LOVE HIS LAUGH! It is one of the bestest laughs out there!
Our Owen is pretty amazing. It is hard to remember life without him. I remember our last weekend before he was born. I was a little sad that it was the last weekend with it just being Bethany. But Why? Owen has enriched our lives so much!!!

Even Bethany loves him. A lot! She introduced him to our friend tonight as, "This is Owen, my sweet little boy." Usually she calls him Bubba. Or Boy.

She is pretty good to him and wants to do things like he does.
You holding signs with your age on it.

It is for sure. God has blessed us with two amazing babies. They are the greatest kiddos around. I don't always feel worthy of having these two beautiful kids in my life, but, man, I do feel so honored to be their mother!