Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cruel Irony

Whenever the kids need something, we are sure to go and buy it. During bath time, Owen's gotten in the habit of walking around the bathtub. He has an unsafe fascination with the faucet. I was concerned about Owen slipping and smashing his head on it.

So, we went to BabiesRus to buy this.

The Elmo Spout cover kept on slipping off the faucet. So we took it back and bought another one.

Here was our second bet.

A cute blow-up cover with little frogs. Well, that didn't work either. Instead of buying anymore spout covers.

I decided to take matters in my own hands.

With a hand towel and 2 ponytail holders, I custom-fitted a spout cover that was for sure to work. See, that is a perfect spout cover that would, for sure, protect our lil' boy from any possible ouchies.

See, now Owen didn't care as much for the spout as usual. I typically can't get him away from it all.
Well, Owen did find his way back faucet. I was working on adjusting the towel a little, while at that I got distracted by a 2-year-old. As cruel irony has it, Owen slipped and hit his eye on the very faucet I was working so hard to protect him from. The one day I actually had a suitable cover on it, he still hurts himself!

He didn't seem to care too much. He is pretty tough!
See, the lesson learned--is that sometimes the stuff you buy at stores can't stand up to good old-fashioned intuitiveness. :O)


Beth said...

poor little guy!
and funny enough-that is precisely the "fix" i used to fix our leaky shower nozzle for a few days!