Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Owen's Day!

A picture story about Owen's First Birthday!

Once upon a time, Owen turned one!
When he woke up on the morning of his first birthday, he was greeted by his crazy mom and a camera!
He promptly got dressed and drank his milk. Then he was set down next to his overly expressive, sweater-obsessed sister for a birthday picture that he couldn't be less interested in.

After a breakfast out with Mom and his sister and a full day at the sitter's, Owen, ahem...really Bethany, opened his birthday presents from Mom and Dad.The presents included a cool tractor, pajama's and
a big box to sit on. Sitting on presents was proven to be far more fun then opening presents, ya know.
Eventually, they opened the big present (which was a shelf system for his bedroom) and we headed to Culver's to eat dinner with both sets of Grandparents. Bethany and Owen lucked out, as the Balloon Guy was there and made them some new friends.
After was back at home with the Milles Grandparents. We posed with the cake...cause that is what you are supposed to do on your birthday.
Proving once again to take after his sister, he grabs his birthday cake.
Not wanting to make his mother aware of the grabbing-incident, Owen tries to hide the evidence before she catches on!
Once settled in the high chair, he was a lil' timid with his first piece of cake.
That timidness didn't last all that long. And he soon devoured the whole cake all the icing off the cake and was ready for a bath.
It was such a blast celebrating Owen's first birthday! I hope he had a fantastic day...I know that all of us enjoyed spoiling him rotten on his day! :O)