Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still here...

We are still here. Sorry about the two week hiatus. We've been...well you know...busy. You'd think with the school year ending in a week, we'd be slowing down. It seems to have the opposite affect on this household. That is rather unfortunate for us.

But we are still here. Doing well.

Things are pretty much the same (other than the busyness). Owen is still too timid to take anymore steps. He took two unassisted steps right after his birthday. He did it again that weekend afterwards. But he is to unadventurous to do it again. That stays consistent with her personality so far. He learns to do things (i.e. clap, wave, kiss bye bye) but he won't do them. I guess he doesn't want to be labeled as a show-off. No worries there, for sure!

Bethany is still pretty adorable. She's learned to huff and puff at things. You know what I mean? No?

Ok...an example is necessary. Here ya go:

Me: "Bethany, don't hit Owen with your Blankie."

B: "Arguf."

Me: "Bethany, don't growl at me. Just stop hitting Owen."

B: "Arguf. Okay Mom."

Later that day... Bethany takes a toy away from Owen.

Me: "Arguf. BETHANY be nice to Owen."

I've noticed where she's gotten the huffing and puffing from. I really need to watch that. But I get so exasperated at always telling them to play nice or her not to antagonize him...I just don't realize I do it. Well...I quickly learned that I do it. And now she does it, too! We are a work in progress.

So enough talk...here's a picture of my cute boys. Don't they look like they could be twins...you know if they weren't 30 years apart in age. Just too Cute! :O)
I promise not to be so bad at posting. I felt bad for my break. But anytime you miss us...just ask us if we are still here & I will get right back on to posting more! :O)