Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Eve!

Today is marks the Eve of Owen's Birthday.  While he is starting to understand the excitement of his birthday...Bethany and I are super excited to celebrate his date with him.  (Cory is excited, of course...but we totally out do him!)

We are super proud of our lil' man.  He is putting more and more words together. Sometimes it is hard to get what he is saying, but if you can use the context of the situation, usually it makes sense.

He impresses me often.  The other day he grabs some lil' crafty shapes and starts sorting the lil' suckers. Who would've thought of that. What a smart booger he is!

See...all the little squares go in a nice little row.

Owen also has transitioned into his big boy toddler bed.  Big boy toddler bed. Could that be an oxymoron. Perhaps...but I am not the one that teaches Comm I don't care so much.   He did great switching.  When Cory was putting together the bed Owen kept going, "WOOOAH! Night-Night! WOOOAH!"  He was even trying to assist in the construction a tad bit.

It is hard to believe two years has come since we have introduced our second lil' baby in our family.  He is such a blessing. Before he was born, I didn't understand how we could possibly love the second child as much as that first one.  But man...this lil' guy has a strong place in our hearts.  We are so immensely blessed to have Owen in our lives.  He is such a great lil' guy...Target tantrums and all!