Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Man. Seems like I am struggling here. Struggling to update the blog. Struggling to find time to focus on the family. Struggling to get all my work for school completed. Just struggling....

It is so hard to be a working mama at times...with your attention divided between the kiddos, husband, house and job. Plus,throw in the mix being a pair of teachers. Yeah...so you can pretty much ensure our evenings are lost to papers and lessons and emails.  It is hard to find a balance.

Today I went with a few neighbors to a wake. Yeah. Sounds uplifting, right?  Well, it was. I love our neighbors. They are such a great group of people. Whenever something happens, these neighbors are on it. With Owen's surgery they were the most supportive people around.  When a baby is born sick, the neighbors rally around the family. When a neighbor's mother dies, they rally.  We are so blessed to have picked this neighborhood 5 years ago.  It is almost more like the neighborhood picked us--as this was the first house we looked at but it was a few thousand out of our price range. Then, a month later, we came back for our third viewing and the realtor announced it went down in price...to our limit!  How perfect.   The good thing about these folks is that we can support someone who is going through a hard time...and in the end it turned out be pretty therapeutic for all of us.  After the wake we took a long way home with a stop at Traders Joes (my first time ever...probably not my last!) and with an last-minute trip to the Cheesecake Factory! Yum!  And now I feel refreshed. These next 8 school days (I mean...who is counting) don't look so daunting now that I've had actual "Jo Ann Time". 

I gotta remember to take time out for myself between papers, dance practice, doctor appointments,  meetings and baking cakes.   Oh. Yeah. Baking Cakes...I forgot to show you how Owen's cake turned out. I have to admit. It rocked. Poor lil' booger loved it. Even though he had to wait until after dance practice to eat it!

The Dog.

Blowing out the candle.

Eating the Frog...after not realizing for a good 2 minutes that it was indeed edible.

He absolutely loved that Word World Cake.  Especially that Frog, "Ribbit" as he says. It was a great lil' day for him.   He is such a sweet lil' guy!  And even though I felt guilty leaving them this evening...I now feel like I have way more energy to keep up with their ever-lasting supply!


Gina said...

I'm really impressed with the cake!! Great job! I hope you get a lot more Jo Ann time this summer. I always tell myself I can be a better mom when I am a better person due to a little time away.

Michele said...

I'm so impressed you can keep up with everything. It is so hard to keep a balance. Don't know how I would do it teaching school. You want to do your best for everyone. Remember to take time for yourself. Put God first and your marriage second...your kids will love you for it. Hang in there. Summer's just around the corner. Miss you.