Friday, December 26, 2008

Chronicling Our Christmas Celebrations

We were blessed to have many opportunities to celebrate our Christmas with our Families. Follow along to hear of our celebrations and festivities.

Christmas Eve:
Bethany had fun playing with all the Milles family!
She especially like mimicking Uncle Derek. He can be pretty silly.

We left well past Bethany's bed time. She fell asleep immediately in the car. I tried to remove her hat. But she continually pulled it down over her eyes. Pretty Cute!
Christmas Day:

The day start off by opening the presents Santa left for Bethany at our house.

Once she saw the kitchen, she didn't have much interest in the presents.
Who can blame her. Someone needs to cook around here!

She wanted to put her Elmo ornament on the tree right away!

Here is Bethany with her stash of goods from Santa.

On to Grandma & Grandpa C's House. Actually, Bethany was so in love with her kitchen, she had a little Christmas Melt down when we tried to leave. "NO COAT" "NO Grandma!" "No Grandpa!" It was pretty cute as melt downs go. I am just glad that Santa hit the nail on the head with that kitchen!

Eventually we made it to Grandma's and Grandpa's for breakfast. As the presents were distributed, it was hard to miss Bethany's stack! Wow...that is a lot of stuff! Bethany had no interest in opening the presents. She wanted to cuddle Grandpa & to inspect the other stuff that was already opened! Crazy Girl! Eventually we "tricked" her to open her presents.

After a nice nap, Christmas Evening was already rockin' and rollin'! Grandma and Grandpa M., Uncle Derek & girlfriend Sarah, & Great Aunt Pam and Uncle Chris came over for dinner and good times. Again, I was more interested in my kitchen than all the new presents around the tree!

Seriously...she had NO interest in presents! It was pretty entertaining to listen to all of the ideas we had to come up with to hoodwink her to open up her gifts! :)

Here is a rare moment: Bethany sitting and opening a Leap Frog toy from Grandma!
She loves it!

Uncle Derek and girlfriend Sarah were a lot of fun to have a round. Sarah is here holding Bethany's new Elmo Quilt Cover. It is pretty cute!

Another one of Bethany's favorite gifts from Uncle Derek---her AquaDoodle. She loves it! :)

We hope everyone had a great Christmas with their families and friends. We are grateful for all of the good times and celebrations we were able to be a part of. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful presents. We also just wanted to bring to the forefront of our minds the real reason for the season (pardon the cliche!). But it is, after all, Jesus's Birthday! It is important for us to take a moment to appreciate the significance of that event over all of the pretty shinies that Christmas now-a-days can distract us with.