Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Ultracool Ultrasound!

click the sonograms for a larger view! :)
Here is Baby2, as we so affectionately call him/her. I went for my ultrasound on Wednesday. Baby2 has all of the necessary parts in the right places. We got to see the 2 arms, 2 legs, a large tummy, head, heart and brain. We didn't look for any distinguishing features to determine if Baby2 was a he or a she. Don't bother looking, the sonographer said she didn't go down there!!!! Anyway, we didn't find out for Bethany, so it is only fair we don't find out for Baby2. No one can claim we have favorites! :) The dr. did up my due date a couple of days. But really, when he did that with Bethany it didn't matter. She still popped out on the latest due date I was given. So I am not holding my breath for an early arrival. (Although, one is more than welcome! I get up to 6 weeks paid off...I'd like to get as much of that as possible! :) )
My blood antibody levels remain at the same level. The antibodies are still present, but not at the "significant" level they were at the beginning of my pregnancy. That is a relief. I will still go for my monthly blood tests before my dr. appointment just to be safe. I have been doing my best to instruct my body not to fight off Baby2. I have all my antibodies standing down! ;-) They can redeploy in June!