Friday, December 5, 2008

Sleepy, Socks, & Straws!

Straws! Bethany has finally mastered the straw. Really, who knew that was a hard concept for little kids. I mean, they have the sucking reflex instilled in them from birth. So, then why is a straw much more different than a sippy cup or bottle? Within the past month-and-a-half, she has figured it out. She was close for a long time, but often would give up sucking before the beverage made it all the way up the straw. Now that she is a master of all straws...she wants nothing but a straw. We went out and bought her a couple sippies that have straws instead of the traditional top. She's so proud of it! :)

Socks! On one of the many occasions that Bethany removed her socks, her daddy very "helpfully" put them back on her. She was really puzzled by them being on her hands. Here she is trying to get them back on her toes! What a cutie!

Sleepy! For a couple of evenings, Cory has caught Bethany and I snoozing away whenever he gets done doing whatever it is that he is doing (usually housework, laundry, dishes, papers, etc.). This time he sneakily took a picture of us sleeping. What a not-so-flattering picture it is, too, I might add! I think the problem is that I often ask Bethany if she is ready for night-night. She will then reply matter-of-factly, "No!" So, I take it she's not, I am too lazy to go upstairs to put her away. So, then we both end up falling asleep downstairs. Nothing like fostering good bed-time habits young!