Thursday, September 10, 2009

All about the "O"

Not very often is it all about the big O.

Really...I am not sure if I have posted one single post just about our little man. He definitely deserves it!

Well, Owen went to his 4 month check up yesterday. Bethany was a little jealous, I think. She said,

"Bet-an-ni hurt." as she points to a fake boo-boo.

"Bet-an-ni go to Dr. Rozin!"

Did she get to go, you ask...


Are you kidding. Why would we want take a 2 year old to the doctor's office when it isn't absolutely necessary. Waiting in that tiny little room is torture for anyone under the age of 99 and over the age of 1.

However, Owen had a blast waiting. It is so amazingly easy to entertain a 4 month old!

Especially since they are entertained by the simple fact they can blow bubbles now...
Anyhow... back to Owen's dr. appointment.

The doctor says Owen is doing great. He is healthy and happy and developing just fine.

She gave us the green light to start him on some fruits and veggies. That is pretty exciting for him.

Here's his stats:

Height-->24.5" (50th %tile)
Weight--> 15 lb, 4 oz (50th %tile)
Head--> 17.52" (99th %tile)

Seriously...we make babies with big heads. Isn't that crazy! If you look at Owen head-on, it doesn't look that crazy big. But once you take a glance at him from the side....

It. Is. BIG!!!

Overall, Owen is a GREAT baby. All parents would be lucky to have a such an easy-going, laid back baby as this one. He is just so content 98% of the time. ***the other 2% he is either hungry, tired or in the car--he HATES the car***

So as for his hidden talents:

  • He sleeps through the night (9 pm to 5 or 6 am)
  • He can roll over from belly to back
  • He can follow you across the room.
  • He loves to talk. Right now his favorite sound is "AaahhhhhAhhhhAhhhhAhhhh".
  • He just learned how to blow raspberries.
  • He is grabbing toys and really starting to explore them.
  • He is amazingly patient with his big sister who likes to: put things in his mouth, poke his eyes, "help" him roll over, smothers him with love, steals his toys, screams in his face and pulls him by his various limbs.
  • He has the BEST laugh. It is such a full, belly-jiggling laugh. It is completely infectious!

So that all about our little man. I am so amazingly blessed to be the one that gets to continue to watch him learn and grow. I absolutely love this stage. Everything is so new and the milestones just keep on coming. It is great watching him figuring things out. It won't be long, I'm sure, until we have both of them running around this house going crazy! :o)