Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sadly Mistaken

A note to my Little Bethany:

I hugged you a couple of days ago and said, "I love my baby."
To which you replied, "Owen's your baby. I'm your big girl."

Oh sweetie you are sadly mistaken. You have so much to learn about this world.

I don't care that you insist on wearing sunglasses with your night gown.

Or if you demand to feed your baby brother his bottle.

Yes, you may even be capable of pouring yourself a real drink of water using your tea set.
No matter the fact that you love playing outside with the neighbors and create a gigantic mess whenever you are given a popsicle.

Despite the fact that you are able to have your friends over to our house to play now.

My dear Bethany, you are even such a big help with feeding Owen his veggies....

So my dear glasses-owning, popsicle-wearing, brother-feeding, baby-cuddling little girl.... it doesn't matter how big you get, what you are able to do or how many words you know.

Dear little Bethany....you'll always be my baby. Sweet Baby Bethany, you'll understand one day...

when you have your own 2-year-old insisting that she's no longer a baby, but a big girl!