Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

Our 3 day weekend was a welcomed break from our typical school work. We had a lot of fun doing nothing special in particular. Does seem that we didn't get much down time. We had quite a bit of school work to get caught up on & plus quite a bit of housework to do. What do you expect when you mix two schoolteachers w/ two young kiddos. The weekends are all we have to work with in our to keep life in order.

However, whenever the kids were up-and-at-'em, we made sure to take time to play with them.

Bethany got plenty of bike riding time in Saturday.
She loves riding down the street with the other kids.
Mommy...look at me going faster!

Hi Mom!

After working too hard riding her bike, she wanted to ride in the wagon.
Owen, of course, needed to go too. Although, Owen didn't last all that long in the wagon.
His look says it all...

Owen had a couple monumentous moments this weekend.
First off, we got out the exersaucer for him.
It was most defintely a hit for Owen and Bethany.

Perhaps, the best part of the weekend was Owen turning 4 months old.

So hard to believe that he's been here 4 months.
But at the same time, it is hard to remember what it was like before Owen joined us.

Although this Labor Day was far from being a labor-free weekend as it was full of work, it is great to have good quality time to spend with the babies. A part of me, though, is looking forward to going to work tomorrow, so I can have some "downtime".
Kinda funny how it tends to work out that way, now isn't it?