Saturday, November 7, 2009


Guess what we did today.... our so-cute-aught-to-be-illegal overalls.

Perhaps, it also included some "tiger" attacks from our sister.

Well, after a million wet weekends in a row, we finally got to go outside to enjoy a nice, dry, autumnal day.

Not sure what to make with all the green grass around him, Bethany made sure to take charge of the situation and show Owen the ropes!
Finally, the boy gets to sit in the grass and explore. It looks as though he really likes being released from the constrictive nature of the walker and his mother's arms.

A little swinging action was also part of the Great Outdoor experience this weekend. Bethany loved sharing her swing with her baby brother.
Maybe...she just like pushing him around without being corrected or redirected.
You may not be able to tell from his photo, but the boy really enjoyed himself on swing. The funky look on his face, I attribute to the fiery sunlight beaming in the poor child's eyes.

Bethany really enjoyed pushing the lil' guy around. That is, you know, until the swing came back faster than expected and popped her in the face.
Which, of course, got the "Attack Mommy so I can get over the throbbing pain in my lip" plan rolling.

Nothing diverts a 2-year-old's attention like knocking down a poor, unassuming mother!