Thursday, November 26, 2009

A little this & a little that...

Our Thanksgiving was a less than traditional this year...but it was the most relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving we've had in years! :-)

Originally we were just going to go to Thanksgiving lunch with my family at IHop. But after a few days of that not sitting well with me, I decided to take matters in my own hands and make a real Thanksgiving dinner myself! :-) We still had our IHop lunch...but our day also included...

A lil showing off our super cute dress and pretty awesome stripey tights!

It included a lil' playing with our own box of toys!
Of course, we had to have a short lil' lesson on patience as we wait for everyone to sit down for dinner. Nothing can keep this girl a way from her turkey!

Dinner wouldn't be complete w/out a sliver pumpkin pie with twice its weight in Cool Whip!
Finally, a bit of cleaning up made our Thanksgiving day complete. I am glad we decided to go ahead and get a turkey (breast) and cook our own little meal. Although, I am surprised at just how much food a lil' turkey breast makes. I am seriously glad that I didn't get a whole turkey. It is also pretty amazing at how much turkey Bethany can put a way. She had three pretty large-sized servings. Turkey is, by far, her favorite meal!!! Our lil turkey just can't seem to have enough!!!

After all, you are what you eat!!!