Friday, March 12, 2010

10 Months!

Owen is officially 10 months old.

Yeah...Okay...He's been ten months old for a whole week now. But seriously folks, we are busy people. Those students of ours demand quality lessons and graded papers. So we do what we can! ;O)

Anyway...back to Owen. He is 10 months old. He is standing, cruising, and crawling like crazy. He is too busy to hold my sign for me. Instead...he must stand for a while.

After being given the sign...he will hold it on his terms only; which evidently is upside down.

So wanna know more about our boy? Okay. Well....he goes by Owen, Boy and Bubba. He has the patience of a saint as he is often pulled, pushed, and neglected by his sister. Occasionally, his toys are snatched away or his ears are bitten.
Owen is a great kiddo. Still pretty mellow! He loves attention (like who doesn't). He enjoys table food immensely and will eat anything so far. He can really pack away the food. He has figured out to stand, cruise, crawl and climb the stairs. He hasn't really considered the possibility of trying to walk yet...after all, crawling is so much faster.

Although, he hasn't said his first official word yet; Owen does know two signs. He will sign "eat" and "more". Cory is the first to witness the "more" sign and we've seen the "eat" sign for a while now...but are now just putting it together that is what he's been saying. Perhaps, we are a bit slow.

Owen does not like being left alone and will be very upset if you leave the room. I am sure that whole thing is related to the whole, he loves attention thing. But oddly, he goes to bed remarkably well. Give him his blankie and in goes the thumb. He'll go down with out a fight. He'll talk to himself for a while...perhaps discussing the events of the day. He'll rip down the animals from the mobile and give them a go for a while and eventually he'll fall a sleep.

The weirdest thing about Owen is that he likes to be upside down. Seriously. He. Loves. It.

See the picture above, that is how he wanted his his head was hanging down. But usually he likes it when he is drastically upside down. But you know....whatever floats his boat!

In a few words...Owen is Awesome! It is hard to believe he is 10 months already. Soon the bottles will be gone and a toddler will emerge. But we've got a couple more months to enjoy our baby before he becomes an official big-boy...and I am not rushing it at all!