Monday, March 1, 2010

5 Reasons I am Ok with Being Thirty!

Top 5 Reasons I am Okay with Being Thirty:

5) We've never looked better nor have we been healthier. See for yourself!
Not every 30 year-old can say that they are in better shape now than when they were when they got married.

4) I live in a great house, I have a great job and a couple of degrees!

3) I have 2 of the most awesome children out there! Seriously. They. Are. Awesome!

2) I've gotten to marry my Best Friend. He is my rock. He is the best thing ever to happen to me. I couldn't ask for a better Husband!
(sheesh...that was pretty ewwy-gooey...sorry I won't let that happen again!)

1) God has blessed me in more ways than I know. I know that He has a lot in store for me. And like Bethany told me Saturday, "God made you special, Mama." With all these blessing surrounding me, how could I not believe her?