Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magic at the Magic House!

Bethany got invited to a birthday party at the Magic House. It was her first time there. She had an absolute blast. The Magic House surely lives up to their name!

She missed her friends from the sitter's and she couldn't get over the fact she was hanging out with her friends again!

The party was a lot of fun. They got to decorate Princess Crowns.
They each made lil' magic wands. If you are in close proximity to the wand, you better watch out or you might be turned in to a cat, dog or even a Bethany.

To top off the party, they got to decorate their own cupcakes! Oddly, only a couple kids ate the cupcakes after they were all done. I guess they didn't want to disrupt all their hard work!

After the party was over, the kids explored the Magic House. I am telling you what, we were their in the house for about 90 minutes and we didn't even explore half of the exhibits. The lil' girls were in love with the Water Room. Seriously, if I installed a large water table in our house, she'd never go bored!

We did manage to pry them out of the Water Room long enough to play a little in the pretend house. They loved cooking lunch for everyone and getting to play with the fridge and know...all the things that they'd never get to do in real life.

I had to pry a crying Bethany out when the Magic House closed. We are for sure going to have to go back...soon!


Rob said...

We took Sam & Eva to the Magic House in January - the last weekend of the Curious George exhibit. Awesome place. We hadn't been since we were kids, and boy has that place changed. It's probably quadrupled in size!