Sunday, December 5, 2010

Accepting Help

My two kids:

While they tend to often do the same exact things....especially at the exact same time. Whether it is to sit in the same chair, read books on the time-out step (voluntarily, mind you) or climb up the stairs taking "bites" out of the steps along the way (gross!)...they are certainly two-of-a-kind.

So, even though they are so similar at sometimes...there are times where these two goobers couldn't be any more different than night and day themselves. 

Bethany never had and rarely ever does question us when we suggest what is the best choice or what is the best situtation for her.  She typically always allows us to help her to get through her every-day-run-of-the-mill life happenings.  I think, she knows we have her best interests in heart and that we will not lead her astray.  Owen, however, that is a different story.

Couple of days ago, I took the two kiddos to the swimming pool by myself.  All is good. Bethany and Owen love playing in the kiddie section and they just eat up all the interactive spraying & dumping things.   After an hour in this section, we decided to venture off into the big, deep part of the pool.  Owen was donning his "backpack" (the rest of us call it a life jacket) which helps me feel 100% better in regards to his safety.  I carry them both into the deep section and lead them to this underwater bench-like-ledge where they can easily walk and still be above water.  Bethany is a master when it comes to this pool & knows to watch the blue lines on the edge of the ledge. She can see where the ledge ends and the water drops a good 3 more feet. 

Owen...well, he hasn't quite figured out how to navigate that treturous terrain.  I, being the great mother than I am, decided to just guide my son with a nice, loving hand gently holding on to the back of his life vest.  Owen hates this.  He hates the fact that I am ever-so-lightly holding on to him while he is navigating this foreign-to-him territory.  I am a good 3 feet taller than this lil' man. From my perspective, I can see the big picture.  I know where the ledge drops and where he will, for sure, lose his footing and drop into the deep end.  I understand the consequences of not having your head above water.   Owen, though, he doesn't.  He just knows that he is a big boy.  He sees his 3-year-old sister walking on the ledge unassisted and thinks he should be able to do that too.  Regardless of what is ultimately good for him, he squeals and fusses and swats away any of my attempts of assisting him.  He, after all, is a good 19 months old now.  He is a big boy and doesn't need any help from his ol' mama.

I can't help but see some parallels w/ Owen and the pool and Life in general.  Sometimes {all the time, actually} I ask God for help--help to get through something, help to decide something, help to comfort someone.  While I was helping my own son through a watery situation, I wondered to myself, "how often do I squawk and swat away the helping hand of God?"  Sure, I think I know what is best for me.  I, after all, have been here a good 30 years and I've seen a lot.  Perhaps, I do know what is best for me. Why would I need to stop and listen to what God is saying...

Silly isn't it?

Why do people do that? Why do we, being creatures of limited mind, swat away the help of someone all-knowing and all-loving.  Who only what is the best for us?  Who would give the world for us? Does that even make sense?  So while Owen is screaming, at this point, because I insisted on picking him up after he took those last two steps off the ledge and into the deep end; I quietly talked to God and made him a deal...

Not only will I continue to ask for his help...but I will actually start listening and accepting what he has to say...