Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas {2010}

The Milles Christmas in pictures {with brief captions}.

Decorating Jesus's birthday cake {with a few sprinkles}

Presents {waiting to be opened}

Using the long-desired telescope {to spy on the neighbors}

Being absolutely adorable {while sporting an ear infection}

Riding in the Cozy Coup {& opening presents, drinking milk and resting in the Coup as well}

Riding her bike {not sure how she became big enough}

We had a blessed, amazing Christmas.
Praise God for giving us his Only Son, who of which we celebrate this great day!


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
What great posts, being pregnant at Christmas time always makes me think what Mary would of been feeling, except im only 3 months not 9 riding on a donkey for miles amd miles instead Im in my warm! Happy New Year Milles Family:)