Thursday, January 27, 2011

1st child

Bethany's first-childness is certainly emerging recently.  She is a pleaser, rule-follower, advanced-learner, sibling-protector, and instigator all in one 38 lb, blue eyed, blond girl.  We aren't going to even bother mention her brother-correcting ways. would think there was three parents in this household...but I digress...

Bethany is becoming a nice lil' teacher to Owen.  She likes going up to her room w/ her brother in tow. They run up, flip the lights on and off a thousand times*, occasionally slam the doors* and then the lessons begin.  (* = both of which they've been instructed not to)

She likes to begin her lesson by putting a book on the chalk board (like Mrs. S), then she goes on to teach Owen the letter or number of the day. 

If you ever get the pleasure of being in her class, make sure you copy her techniques ex-act-ly.  If not...she will make you aware of your faulty ways.

However, she is a very eager and enthusiastic teacher.  Wouldn't you like to be a part of her classroom?