Monday, January 3, 2011

Parenting Perks

If we are gonna be honest here (and I don't see why not) there has been the occasional time with the two bambinos where I feel like I am going to pull out my hair.  I don't know, there is something about two kids fighting, yellow and squealing over a single toy amongst an avalanche of a gazillion toys that drive me batty. 

But I've gotta admit, the parenting perks far out weight the parenting frustrations. 
Here are six perks in random order:

(1)  Watching your son's vocabulary expand before your very eyes. He loves point out characters, body parts, animals and a even a few letters in his books.  Today his lil' sense of humor emerged when puts a *clean* diaper on his head and says, "hat".  Then, In his super soft and sweet voice he goes, "Noooooo." 
Man, I love this boy!
(2)  When your daughter does something she isn't supposed to do (while encouraging the lil' bro to follow suit) before you get a chance to correct her, she goes and says something like, "But Momma, aren't we cute."

(3) A perplexing parenting perk is trying to figure out why your son loves to cram himself in tiny boxes. This was the third box/container he tried to sit in just in an hour span!

(4) One of my favorite perks is while I am chilling, minding my own business one or both of my babies comes up just to cuddle. Oh how I love cuddling those lil' goobers!

(5)  Getting to eat dinner with your three favorite people in the world, one of which who demanded to wear an Elmo towel to help really simulate a fine-dining experience at our very own house.

(6)  While this isn't the final parenting perk there is the final one for the night. How awesome is it to go downstairs and see a random piece of paper donning your daughter's name on it taped to the wall. If that wouldn't plant a giant smile on your face...what would?