Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Big-Girl Bethany,


Wow! Sweetie! I am not sure when you stopped being this lil' baby girl that I remember. But somehow this beautiful little girl has emerged from that once, bright-eyed, fussy, cuddley little baby.  Now, you are 3.5 years with an immense love for you God, family and school.

When I look at you it is hard to fathom where the time has gone.  You have grown so much lately. Since you have started preschool you have learned an incredible amount of information.  You can recite several pledges, Bible verses, and songs.  You know your alphabet by site for 80% of the letters (being able to write most of the letters you have been taught). You can even write your name and your brother's!  Your memory is remarkable.  You can tell many stories of things we have done even several months ago.  You recognize places and remember what we did there, even if we've been there only one time.

I am just so proud of the person you are becoming.  You are a very caring soul; giving your brother the very toy frog that you just earned from your preschool's treasure box.  While you aren't crazy adventurous, you don't mind egging your knows-no-boundaries brother to do you dirty work. You'd rather make sure to follow all the rules and be well aware of the situation at hand before you get to engrossed in any sort of activity.

You love singing.  Being a member of the SunBeam Choir is a perfect fit for you.  You really love God and seeming to understand exactly who God is. Dancing is your other activity.  I am certainly impressed that you are demonstrating something that resembles certainly didn't inherit that from me. 

Dear, sweet Bethany....I love you very much. Thank you for allowing me to be your is certainly one of the greatest honors I could ever imagine!