Monday, April 11, 2011

High as a Kite (or not!)

Bethany has been wanting to fly a kite for a while now. So a weekend or two ago the weather was finally nice enough and it was certainly windy enough for us to give it a whirl.  
Flying a kite proved to be tricky business.

Well, not as tricky as it is to walk through a soccer net...but it was tricky none-the-less.

Cory worked long and hard to fly the stinkin' thing. 

Then he had to work long and hard to undo the stinkin' knots. Completely failing to fix this dastardly situation, we now have a knot-donning kite sitting in the garage until *I* one day when I'll have time to work on the lil'sucker!

Owen didn't so much have interest in the kite situation.  The playground was more his style.

Look at that teethy lil'smile.  Isn't he just a cutie-pa-tootie.  Man. I love this guy...even though he has a major case of apathy toward he whole kite-flying-situation.