Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Time

 Spring is my favorite seasons.  I mean it is a time of growth and new life. Really...with beauties like these could you not find yourself loving spring time?

My lil' magnolia tree certainly did not disappoint this year. It is one of the most gorgeous pieces of How-could-God-Not-Exist evidence around, I say!

 Spring also brings us Easter with all of the joys of that holiday....Jesus, Eternal Salvation and Egg hunts.

 Spring is time to get outside and play with the furry ones...even if they are three times your size.

And it is time to get out and learn a new sport...

or two.

 But, unfortunately, springtime is also a time for tremendous storms.  Storms that will amaze you about the wonderous world we live in. Storms that make you pray.  And storms that destroy

If you are a praying type...please pray for the devastation around St. Louis...particularly for the Renaud Empire.  A large tree fell and broke through their sunroom and kitchen.  Could you imagine? The Renaud Empire includes a loving Mom and Dad with four lil' ones all preschool age and younger.  I praise God for keeping everyone safe during the storm.  With all the damage around North is truly amazing no one got seriously hurt.