Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bath Time!

No matter what mood we are in before bath time, we are always happy and playful as soon as we hit the water. It has remarkable soothing properties! Bethany has a new bathtub seat now. We don't have to fill a small, separate tub and carry it to the counter anymore. She gets to use our tub. What a gigantic tub for one lil' girl!

We went to the doctor Wednesday for her 4 month check up. Here are the latest stats:

  • Weight= 12 lbs 6 oz-->25th percentile
  • Height=24.25 inches-->50th percentile
  • Head=16.24 inches--> 75th percentile

So, her doctor wasn't completely pleased with Bethany's weight. So, we are to feed her rice and veggies twice a day. At Bethany's two month check up, her weight was at the 50th dropped a bunch. :(

If these numbers mean anything, I guess they mean she will be a thin brainiac!


robin said...

Wow, the big tub! We still put Lucy's little bath in the big tub. That way she can splash, but we don't use so much water. I think she is about to outgrow it though.