Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Scooting & Rolling!!!

Bethany has been trying something that resembles crawling. She pulls her legs underneath her then she pushes off. She can move a foot or two this way. She usually combines these actions with some rolling. So, the pictures above are of her scooting/rolling.She gets best movement when she is MAD. I took these pics as I had her down while I was trying to cook dinner.

The bad thing with her new scooting abilities is that she is no longer in the right position when she wakes up in the morning. Even though we place her in her sleep positioner, she rolls/scoots/transports out of it to be found in some random position & location in the crib.

The question is: How soon do you think it will be until she starts crawling for real? I am guessing it is sooner rather than later. She seems pretty interested in being mobile.
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