Monday, October 15, 2007

High Life in a High Chair

We finally assembled Bethany's high chair. She loves it. It is a pretty impressive piece of equipment. It comes with an entertainment center. The purpose behind this is to "entertain your baby while you prepare their meals." Really, do they think this is necessary. First of all, it isn't too difficult to prepare Bethany's meal at this point in her life. Secondly, do they think that if she was hungry this would entertain her. She has absolutely no concept of waiting a minute. In her hungry-lil' mind, she wants food--NOW. She doesn't realize that waiting a minute is a feasible and quite reasonable request. She will just fuss and fuss until she gets what she wants.
However, we placed her in this contraption while she was quite complacent. She was mesmerised for 15 minutes. She was timid at first, then she started flailing her arms. She started (inadvertently) hitting the red button causing the monkeys to sing and the lights to blink. It was pretty entertaining!


Abbie said...

She looks really packed in there. I assume you can remove some of the padding as she gets bigger.

It's adorable!

millesworld said...

The tray scoots out and the inside little pillow things comes off. She should be good to go for a good year or two in this thing (or however long you make kids sit in high chairs!!!)