Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Ouchie!

I got my folks really good last night. I wanted to see how fast they would respond to me when I needed them to. So I pretended that I wanted to stand up next to the wall. Then I let go and strategically planned it so my forehead will hit the corner of the wall with such force that will result in a nice bruise on my forehead. So instantly, it swelled up to the size of a nice walnut and it turned dark blue. It got my folks good and scared. Behind all of my crying and screaming, I was really laughing in the inside because I knew I was still in charge of the houehold. After they forced me to sit with Mommy and a freezing cold icepack, the swelling went down. I really think that ice pack is some sort of modern-day torture. But they said it would "help." Needless to say, I now got them good and paranoid when I start standing near the walls. My plan is falling into place.....Hehehehehehe!!!