Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update: Ice, Spills and, Butts!

ICE: Today we all had a snow (ice) day. We didn't find out until we were all packed up in the car on the HWY to work. By the time we found out we have already witnessed one accident and were in creepy, crawling traffic, presumably due to another accident ahead of us. So after a half an hour of *trying* to get to work, we learned that we had no school and found a safe place to turn around. Luckly we all made it back safely!
Spills:Today was pretty uneventful, outside the valuable lesson I taught my parents.
Baby Lesson #146: DO NOT LEAVE DRINKS ON THE END TABLE! (especially those 42 oz. "hugo" drinks from McDonalds)
I pulled up on the coffee table and reached for a sip of iced tea to help quinch my thurst...but darn that gravity! It spilled all of the wall, table and carpet! Now, I am going to have to wait a little longer to get a taste of iced tea. My mom refuses to put it in my bottle! HOW RUDE!
Butts: I have had this horrible rash on my bottom today. I have started fighting my folks to change my diaper. It is NO FUN! We think it might be one of 2 things. Suspect #1: Apples. We have questioned apples for a while now. We tried them again last night and botta-boom a rash! Interesting, huh? Suspect #2: Pampers Cruisers Diapers. My sitter last week noticed that she became allergic to me. Runny eyes, runny nose everything! We eventually learned it wasn't *ME* she was allergic to, but the new diapers I was using!
SO, we have stopped using the diapers and the apples. Perhaps, one of thse will help my bottom clear up! BUT only time will tell!


robin said...

Lucy had a reation to the antibiotics she had to take in Dec and got a really bad rash. Our doctor recomended Caldesene powder. It really helped Lucy's rash heal fast. I found it at Walgreens. It's in a pink bottle in the baby isle. She had us sprinke that on her toush along with some ointment.